Accurate Plane Estimation via 3D-Consistent Embeddings

CVPR 2024

Jamie Watson1,3 Filippo Aleotti1 Mohamed Sayed1 Zawar Qureshi1 Oisin Mac Aodha2 Gabriel Brostow1,3 Michael Firman1 Sara Vicente1

1Niantic   2University of Edinburgh   3University College London  






Extracting planes from a 3D scene is useful for downstream tasks in robotics and augmented reality. In this paper we tackle the problem of estimating the planar surfaces in a scene from posed images. Our first finding is that a surprisingly competitive baseline results from combining popular clustering algorithms with recent improvements in 3D geometry estimation. However, such purely geometric methods are understandably oblivious to plane semantics, which are crucial to discerning distinct planes. To overcome this limitation, we propose a method that predicts multi-view consistent plane embeddings that complement geometry when clustering points into planes. We show through extensive evaluation on the ScanNetV2 dataset that our new method outperforms existing approaches and our strong geometric baseline for the task of plane estimation.


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Our method for 3D plane estimation. For each RGB keyframe we estimate per-pixel depth, planar probability and planar embedding. We fuse the depths and planar probabilities into a TSDF and extract a mesh. We then train a per-scene MLP to distill the per-pixel embeddings into 3D-consistent embeddings. These are finally grouped via clustering into 3D planes.


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We are extremely grateful to Saki Shinoda, Jakub Powierza, and Stanimir Vichev for their invaluable infrastructure support.

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